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Multidisciplinary Artist | Eco-Advocate

Your multidimensional artist. 

Ema is an emerging self-taught Slovak artist who goes by the alias, Emsky. She's a multidisciplinary creative with a decade pf experience in contemporary fine arts. Her works are motivated by astronomy, scientific interests in molecular structures, psychology, and nature. Discipline of deep curiosities engraved into authentic art pieces. Ema's diverse set of works got published in independent art magazines, exhibited at National Poetry Library in London, reviewed by Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design, displayed at CaixaForum's charity event in Madrid, online auctioned at Art&Co, and sold to private art collectors. 


Having triumphed over a spectrum of traumatic challenges during her formative years, she emerged resilient and endlessly curious in seeking knowledge. In her latest works, she channels her experiences into facilitating transformative spiritual art workshops, aiming to illuminate the profound healing that comes with the art of letting go.


Ema is an advocate for education, environmental consciousness, and spiritual well-being. She intertwines her personal journey with a larger commitment to fostering positive change and enlightenment. 

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